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KRYSTALIA technology is best suitable to create layered hybrid materials or to modify the surface of a material for improved performances.The main application under development is the coating of synthetic diamonds.

Owing to its rarity, extraordinary hardness, and brilliance, diamond has always been valued in human civilizations as gemstones. Today diamond is an attractive material for a wide variety of applications because of its excellent properties such as high thermal, mechanical, and chemical stability, unsurpassed dielectrical properties, and unique ptical transparency. In many cases, the ability to take advantage of these desirable properties also requires controlling the chemistry of the interfaces between diamond and other materials.
KRSYTALIA offers different approaches to solve this problem, providing coatings with specific chemical and/or physical properties.
For example, recent experimentation have demonstrated that Krystalia P10 K300 EXP functionalized diamond powders can be used for resin bond oscillating segment tools for stone polishing (fickerts).


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