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   Director Sales:
   dr. Francesco Chisso
   Phone: +39 041 509 4255

   Director Laboratory:
   PhD. Alessandro Patelli
   Phone: +39 041 509 3985

   Director Purchasing:
   Mr. Shreyance Shah
   Phone: +39 041et nich 509 4255

   Dr. Riccardo Montagner
   Phone: +39 0421 220273

   Director Financing :
   dr. Enzo Sisti
   Phone: +39 049 7705500

   Collaborative Research Projects:
   dr. Francesco Chisso
   Phone: +39 041 509 4255

Krystalia is a research based company focused to the development and supply of innovative coating systems. The actual main application is in the field of synthetic diamonds used in abrasive-containing tools, particularly for the stone industry.
The Krystalia’s business involves three countries, China, India and Italy, that are geographically far but have a strong association with the diamond tool industry. A synergic relationship is a primary goal for Krystalia to increase the value of the stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees, and suppliers. Krystalia presents itself as a micro-company able to set up collaborative industrial projects and to create an efficient international manufacturing chain.



    Krystalia adopts the following KEY DRIVERS:

       serve market niches with high-quality products
       performe simultaneous design in a 3-D architecture: product, process and supply chain
       build a long-term relationships with customers by providing value trough capabilities
       analyse constantly the manufacturing resources to find operational innovations and technology upgrades         to minimize costs and  maximize productivity
       decentralization, minimal bureaucracy and entrepreneurial freedom
       a global sourcing strategy to reduce expenditures on material purchases
       research and development is the heart of the company and is carried out by dedicated personnel and by through         additional collaborations with Veneto Nanotech


Contact us:

dr. Enzo Sisti
Phone: +39 049 7705500