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Innovative products can add value only when they achieve efficacy together with efficiency. Krystalia Research & Development is focused on three main areas:


The project focuses on the development of diamonds suitable for manufacturing of high-performance abrasive diamonds tools resin bond with low energy curing process. The final composite system will exhibits outstanding thermal conductivity, high heat deflection temperature and wear resistance, that will be obtained joining different materials, with a special material design based on fictionalized abrasives and nanostructured fibers.


New transparent high wear resistance coating for glass, zircons or other gemstones for jewellery. Innovative surfaces are achieved by the Krystalia technology, providing transparent or translucent coating which can provide a range of brilliant, saturated colors to muted pastels as desired for the decorative object. Modification of the coating thickness and composition of the various thin film layers allow for the development of coatings with different physical properties, such as hardness, as well as the desired optical properties. The appearance of the coating changes with surface finish, thickness and refractive index, providing a wide range of hues and interesting decorative designs.


The target is the development of hybrid organic-inorganic particles to be employed in building thermal insulation. The final applications include panel board, waterproofing membrane, plaster and spry foams. In the framework of the project it will be employed a new thermosetting resin, which is synthesized using up to 75% of raw materials from renewable resource and using innovative liquid homogenisation equipment.

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Dedication to innovation and customer insight has moved Krystalia research activities from the beginnings. To improve design, develop and deliver leading-edge innovations KRYSTALIA continually evaluates products and services with the customer in mind. KRYSTALIA draws upon expertises by long experience in the sector, and through the co-operation with Nanofab Technology Centre which provides direct support to the R&D process.
A unique perspective moves Krystalia to evaluate new ideas and generate original offerings. Customer-driven innovations help KRYSTALIA to transform business processes, streamline document workflows, propel productivity and reduce environmental footprints.

Krystalia goes further the develop of exceptional materials and technologies, by transforming manufacturing process through introducing outstanding expertise and by adding functions and reliability to components.
Building a global team of experts, devising a clear strategy based values and applying its specialist customer insight, Krystalia is now at the forefront of materials supply chain, revolutionising its customers' work styles, meeting their sustainability needs and creating real added value.



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